Adult education class, learning Thai literacy

Khun Wang, Thailand, 1977

Short Stories

My first venture into creative writing at the ripe young age of 16 was a short story called “Summer Time at the Sea” which I’ve had here on the website for a number of years now. I received a high school prize for it at the time and was so impressed with my achievement that I promised myself to become a short story writer for the rest of my life. 


Unfortunately, life has its own delaying twists and turns so that I did not publish another short story again until 37 years later in 2005 with “White Lies and Silence”! Since then, I have been encouraged to write a few more, especially by Dyane Garvey, the executive director of Paj Ntaub Voice, a Hmong literary magazine based in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Although most of my academic writings have been “serious stuff”, she thinks I have a “funny” bone hidden somewhere in my system and if I am tickled enough, the humorous side of me would come out in my writings.


 So here they are and I do hope you find them funny … as well as scary.


  1. Summertime at the Sea

  2. The Gap

  3. The Hunting Trip: Have You Ever Gone Hunting for Porcupines at Night?

  4. Working for the CIA: Sleeping in The Dark atop A Bulldozed Hmong Cemetery

  5. White Lies and Silence


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