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Aunty Zam Lwv Yaj weeding her rice field

Khun Wang, Thailand, 1977

Submitted Articles

This section is intended for those who write on the Hmong, and want to share their information with readers by hosting their writings here. Since setting up this website, however, there have been very few takers, although I am partly to blame for not being active enough in my recruitment. 


I would, therefore, like to extend a warm invitation to all interested members of the scholarly and student communities to let readers have access to your learned articles by hosting them here. I am thinking especially of graduate students and academics who have papers waiting in your computer files somewhere. Please get them out and send them to me so we can let other people share in your knowledge and erudition.


In the meantime, many thanks to those who have submitted their articles. I hope you enjoy what we have on offer here.

  1. Indochinese Refugee Families in Australia: A Multicultural Perspective

  2. Asian Settlement and the Media in Australia

  3. Multiculturalism in Australia: An Asian Perspective

  4. Hmong Textiles and Costume of North Vietnam

  5. GYL Eagle Award Acceptance Speech

  6. Nicholas Tapp: A Lasting Legacy for Hmong Studies

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