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To My Young Hmong

You are young, a youth with many Hmong siblings
You left the refugee camp where life was rough
In the new land of freedom, you try to be tough
You confront life challenges, you are no underling 

Yet you are hurting, for you have nowhere to turn
You look left and right, your life is all concerns 

Your parents want you to succeed, but feel outdone
They have no English or skills, so you stand alone 

You question, you wonder what has gone wrong 
And you’ve to tell yourself to keep going strong
You try hard, so hard because you are here to stay
Things are difficult now but will turn good one day 

You were naïve, thinking things would be rosy
Now you want to hide where it is warm and cosy
You have tasted the rawness of life on the margin
You join the crowd but it sends you out on a spin

You are young, do not lose heart to life’s deceits
Have courage to grow tall and stamp out defeats 
Learn to be on your own feet like a strong yearling
Work hard, study more and life will be most rewarding. 

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