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All Lies and Farewells?

Please don’t say love is all lies and hushed whispers
When love calls from the depth of one’s longing heart
Summoning its victim to face a merciless executioner 
Before tasting the ecstasy of love in one’s hungry soul
So please do not ever say it’s all lies and farewells
No, it is all desire and joy encased in jade green shells
It’s all roses and wine that’ll make life ever so full.

I know you feels unsure when you are still young
But when you are older, nothing seems to go wrong
You can share your anguished spirit without reserve
Longing to be with the one you love, warm in the heart
Giving in to the care and the wise loving you deserve
So please do not say that it is all lies and depart
When love will take you on a life journey soon to start

You say you want to be with me but dare not call
Why must that be when I want the same and all
But I do not hear you speak, nor your laughter and cries
Why choose a pillow at night to share your sorrow
When I lay here by your side but you don’t know
Embrace me and call out so I can hear your voice
And let our souls touch and our sad hearts rejoice

So please do not say now that you want nothing of me
For I want everything of your love, my source of life
I want everything of you like I want the warm sunlight
Without your smile, I cannot sustain this long fight
Only with your love will I hold on to my expiring light
So please say nice things to me, or else I would die
From the sorrow of your farewells and your hasty flight.

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