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Are You Afraid of Love?

Are you afraid of love, seeming to be tough
But deep inside you know you’ve had it rough
You thought by his love he would always abide
But he left so you have to swallow your pride. 

You are hurting, for you have been betrayed
You gave him so much, now you feel amazed
You ask, you wonder what has gone wrong 
And you’ve to tell yourself to remain strong

You were generous, eagerly giving love away
You tried hard and you hoped he would stay 
But you were naïve, you knew it was no use
Now you’re cautious, looking for safe refuge.

You have tasted the bitterness of love scarred 
Your heart was left broken, your soul jarred
You saw it was bleeding, you felt suffocating
And now you have learned to stay unyielding.

 Let me mend your heart and wrap it in bandage
I will nurture your wound, fixing all its damage
Let me take it outside and give it some sunshine
Sprinkle it with true love and you will feel divine.

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