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Even Though

Even though I can see the beauty of love
I’d rather turn and look the other way
For I don’t want my heart to be swayed
By the anguish that may come with love. 

Even though I hear the passing of love
I pretend I am somewhere unknown
All is quiet, everything is silent around
I don’t want to listen to the sound of love 

Even though I need the comfort of love
I will act strong and put on a fake smile
I’d rather walk alone the next long mile
Pretending I don’t want to know love.

Even though I crave for the ecstasy of love
I stay proud, standing firm in my position
For I’ve been numbed by your last rejection
Blinded by the hurt and the agony of love.

 Even though I have drunk the cup of love
It has not quenched my thirst or my wander
It has given little satiation for my hunger 
For it is you and you only that I want to love.

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