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Lady in Red

Oh, the lady in red standing there tall
On the floor at the Hmong New Year ball
All eyes set on her lithe sturdy frame
As she waits for him to take the chance
And lead her on a merry go-round dance
Her beauty would bring Venus to shame.

 The blazing lady in red, she has stature
She dances with grace, she steps with allure
Red ear-rings matched by red bangles
Black lacy shoes tied around slim ankles
She has good taste, a real sense of fashion
Making his heart pining for her moon.

 The lady in red, she so enjoys the dance
She swirls around like she is entranced
The tall lady in red, she also loves to sing
Her voice is like water running in a spring
Clear and strong like a soprano in an opera
She can dance, she can sing at any fiesta. 

Oh, beautiful lady in red, you make him 
Fall for you as he lays helpless and bleeding
At your feet while you listen to his pleading
He has strength neither to rise nor to see
His eyes all blinded by your dazzling sight
His heart consumed by your burning light.

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