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Time is Silent

As I was looking at the cold winter rain
I asked myself many times over again
What was it that made me feel this way.
Where have all my Hmong gone today?

Had my love for them not been that dear
Had my feelings for each not been so clear
That all had to go without saying goodbye
I asked my heart but it too had no reply.

What could I have said so they would stay
Tell me what would make their hearts sway
I ask the time but it did not seem to hear
I ask the past but it pretended not to be near.

God, were you afraid to see your children cry
Perhaps you knew but did not want to say why?
I keep asking the past but it gave me no answer
The past was silent as if it had nothing to offer.

I ask History, but it too remains a mystery
Time says your people left nothing in writing
But the Heart urges me to keep on searching
Will I find you again and be out of this misery?

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