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Rain of Love

Don’t know what is this that keeps falling 
Down my face like some kind of dreaming.
Are they tears, are they drops of rain? 
Sorry that my heart seems to be in pain
Pain I cannot tell, hurt I cannot share
Don’t know what to do so I can only stare. 

Don’t know why I cry through my smile
Hope it’s only temporary, just for a while 
Not sure what brings me this awful pain
That fills my heart like a spreading stain.
Is it because you say you don’t want love
You keep silent, you avoid being involved?

 Don’t know why I keep on with the chasing
But let me admire, let me cherish on my own
Only return my love if your heart is willing
So you need not worry, let me do it alone
And I will feel better, relieved after the crying
So bear with me while my tears are drying.

It’s hard but I will get over this aching pain
When I see the blue sky without a cloud
I will get over it, I will wipe away the rain
And gladden my heart without a shout
When I can say out loud that I’m now fine
After my eyes clear and I see the sunshine.


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