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To a Distant Muse

You are my inspiration with lofty sights 
And bountiful ideas that caress the soul
And take the mind to new heights,
Giving it strength to be beautiful,
To hear music so soft and so light.

I see you as pure and divine,
For you help bring me the sunshine,
And the smile on your wondrous face
Renders life so much easier to embrace
When you give all without haste.

You are like the wings of life
That make the flying a soaring experience
And the climb easy, without resistance.
You inspire, you give great thoughts
To me where before there well was naught.

Thank you once more for your light
Leading me by the hand along the night 
Under your torch beaming from on-high
You help me find the will and the resilience
To carry on in my weary existence.

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