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Why Do You Ask?

You ask why I keep wanting your love
When all you can see is yourself
Young who feel like a little white dove.
And you say that when I hold you so dear
It is too much for you to accept and bear.

No, you can have it all and will get more.
But your modesty will not let you be bold
For what you have let me take and hold
Has given my life all the difference
Thanks to your generous sustenance.

Your sensitivity and wonderful nature
About life and love, young and old,
Men and women, flowers and creatures
Have carried me to a new fold
My body now strong and my mind assured.

I am no longer the humble grass trampled on
By the merciless feet of passers-by,
But a tapestry of life, a string of lullabies,
Red roses tied together by threads of wire
Scented for all and sundry to desire.

So stop wondering why I ask for you.
I seek, I call, I reach out for your fire,
For your innocence and youthful edge,
Your beauty and your knowledge.
Is not that enough why I admire?

Why must you ask what do I see
When I already know you and you me?
I see the splendor of your nights
And the red flames of your dreams.
Is not that enough why I make my plea?

Why is it that you must think 
We need to know each other long
Before we can share our destiny
And convey our innermost thinking?
Or converse on a plane we enjoy doing?

I have no other I can do the talking with,
Or enjoy the soaring of my spirit
Trying out somewhere soft for a landing.
I am like the lost swallow looking
For a hollow in the tree to stay the night.

I have flown and looked far and wide.
Now I have found my nest and my furrow
In your expansive tree and your shade.
Won’t you let me dry my feathers,
Put down my wings and rest for the night?

For when the sun shines again tomorrow
I will feel strong and without sorrow.
I will be ready for the day’s new flight
And take you as my heroine and my light.
Can you see now why I want you in my life?

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