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Your Heart is Made

What is it that makes your heart shifting
From one day when it is warm and loving
To the next when it is cold like snow falling
Today it is sunny, open wide and soothing 
Tomorrow it is silent, closed and uncaring. 

Your heart is made like a single red rose
Don’t be afraid, don’t let it become morose
Welcome new experiences in small doses
Scenting life with perfume from the stars
And love will find its way to your little heart.

Your true heart is made like a pile of gold
With a chain secured to its gleaming folds
You dangle it before unsuspecting admirers
A woman who teases and collects suitors
Often on the move from one love to another.

Do not let your heart become like stone
Unyielding, unruffled and without feelings
I plead, I seek and shout but it doesn’t see 
The cold stone keeps it forever running
When will you stop and converse with me? 

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