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The Impact of Globalisation and Trans-nationalism on the Hmong

Edited by Dr. Gary Yia Lee

St. Paul, MN: Center for Hmong Studies, Concordia University – St Paul, 2009

This small volume of 131 pages contains papers selected from the 2006 first International Conference on Hmong Studies sponsored by the Hmong Studies Center at Concordia University - St Paul. The conference was attended by more than 500 participants from around the world, and attracted over 30 presentations by scholars on the Hmong. The papers include:

  1.  “Animal Sacrifice and Social Meanings in Hmong American Funerals” by Dr. Vincent K. Her.

  2. “Effects of Globalization on Hmong Children’s Health in a Thailand Village” by Dr. Kathleen A. Culhane-Pera.

  3. “The Thai Hmong and Hmong Refugees in Thailand: the Politics of Human Rights” by Lee Lor.

  4. “Leadership Development: a Critical Component to Advancing Hmong Society in the United States” by Dr. Mai Moua.

  5. “Hmong Culture is Hmong Soul” by Dr. Yang Dao.

  6. “Chinese Loan Words Used in the Hmong Diaspora” by Xiong Yu You and Shua Yang.

  7. “Ethnic Culture Presentation Coordinated by Government and Folks in China” by Prof. Yang Zhengwen.

  8. “The Experience of Hmong Americans: Three Decades in Retrospective Review” by Dr Kou Yang.

  9. “The Hmong Mountains: Space and Culture in Northern Thailand” by Dr Maren Tomfordde, and

  10. “Transnational Space and Social Memories: Why the Hmong in the Diaspora Cannot Forget Laos” by Dr. Gary Yia Lee.

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